A little bit of history:

Home Together Canada's founding member placed an online ad, in late 2015, in search of others to share her home.  It was the number of responses and the diversity of needs and desires that came from those responses and many more that followed, that motivated her to research why living collectively in a shared home was so desired, yet so hard to attain.

What she found was that sharing homes and living collectively was the desire of many and the silent dream of many more.  But, in order to succeed, one needs the ability to find others of like mind.  In order to find like-minded others, one needs a large diverse group to choose from.  In order for this group to be large enough, it needs a single online resource site, available for ALL to use.






     In early 2017, a Board was formed and Home Together Canada became an incorporated, non-profit association.

  • The purpose of Home Together Canada is to create, provide and make public, a single nonaligned, non discriminatory online resource so that all individuals, groups, and organizations interested in any kind of collective shared living or co-living, have the tools they need to find others of like mind and, therefore, have a greater chance at succeeding in creating their own personal vision of a shared living experience.  

  • The guidelines and information on how to proceed, once a person has found others of like mind, did not need to be re-invented. These resources already exist but are as splintered and scattered as the individuals who want to share a living space with others.  Home Together Canada has brought this wealth of information together in one website.

  • By providing free links, we promote collective living of any kind for the purpose of expanding living options for individuals wishing to find or create co-living accommodations.

  • We are nonaligned and nondiscriminatory.  We do not advocate for any one program or co-living concept over another.

  • Our purpose is to offer this information to anyone, whether they are individuals, organizations, faith groups, or small businesses that have created, or wish to create, collective living opportunities.

  • We do not match people, and we do not create any home share, collective living or cooperative programs.  We provide individuals with the tool (the Questionnaire) that they can use to create a Profile of what they want in a shared home environment. We research, compile and bring together existing information on home sharing/co-living so that individuals/groups/organizations have options and guidelines to refer to as they proceed in creating a collective living experience. 

As a volunteer run non-profit our purpose is to provide a single nonaligned, non discriminatory on-line resource site that provides the free tools and the guidelines needed to succeed at finding  others of like mind to successfully share a home with.  This site does not compete with, but instead supports ALL Canadian individuals, groups, builders and organizations  interested in  expanding  collective living  with others of like mind through the sharing of homes by any definition.  The tools offered on this site are for all use.