It's your future.  Sharing a home with others has many benefits. 


*Please do not just quickly scan over the information and links on this website!  Read them! Think about them!  Consider and balance both the pros and cons, think about what you would want in a shared home.

*Sharing a home is not just renting a room.  A collective shared home, it is about all of the people involved.

In our own homes, we are allowed our own personal quirks and not so 'politically correct' views. We are all human and when we are at home we should not have to apologize for who we are, nor should  we find ourselves living with others who have views or habits that are particularly objectionable to us. 

  • There are always things where we will not bend and there are always things where we will bend a little or a lot, this is being human.

  • The process of finding others on this website begins with a Questionnaire that in the beginning provides the ease and safety of anonymity.  

  • This anonymity allows you to eliminate those with habits, likes, dislikes and views that are not compatible with your own without ever having spoken to them, and vice versa.   No explanations, No apologies.        

The following are Links  to Sharing services and matching organizations:  We provide links free of charge, so if you are aware of a collective sharing group or service that is not listed, please let us know.

      Kelowna B.C.    iGen by Happipad is a program to connect vibrant, trusted young adults with empty-nesters to form inter-generational living arrangements. All iGen applicants go through a thorough on-boarding and background check process to connect like-minded people and create safe, trusted living arrangements. Happipad ensures the safety and security of all matches by providing house-visits and continual support.  Vancouver B.C.  Building Multigenerational Communities.  Empty Nests is planning on running a matching pilot project in the spring.    Ontario    Dorothy Mazeau, has brought Golden Girls Canada to Ontario. Her site launched Sept. 2018 so is very new. She will be offering workshops on sharing homes, and in these early days is offering free membership to the first 50 members.

     Vancouver B.C.   Vancouver Family-Centered Collective Housing Network; It takes a village to raise a child.... . This page is distinct from The Vancouver Collective House Network as it is created specifically for people who are interested in joining, creating, or looking for members for [Family-Centered, Child-friendly, and Muliti-Generation Collective Homes in the GVRD]

         Vancouver B.C.  collective Housing Society is a non-profit society providing education, resources, advocacy and networking in support of Greater Vancouver's Collective Housing movement.

                                 Home Share Canada,  Main Page:    

  Alberta, Red Deer:    Information    Generations Project: Intergenerational Elder Abuse Initiative launched in July 2012 and funded by the federal government (New Horizons Senior’s    Programs). The project is designed to address the risks and social factors which make seniors vulnerable to elder abuse. By matching post-secondary students with seniors living in the community, HomeShare brings the generations together and connects them to the community thereby reducing isolation and increasing security and support.

 Ontario, Halton, Hamilton- Wentworth, NorthCumberland, Toronto:    Information  matching programs: Seniors and students, hosts and housemates,                                                                                                                                 safe homes for senior woman, see site for full information.

Quebec, Gatineau [Hull]:   LES HABITATIONS PARTAGÉES DE L’OUTAOUAIS has operated since 1988.

  Quebec,  Montréal :  Des Témoignages émouvants !! Pourquoi pas vous aussi ?

 Quebec, Saguenay (Jonquière) :  Depuis 1987, nous offrons un support aux personnes du Saguenay désireuses de cohabiter dans un même domicile. 

  Nova Scotia      Annapolis Valley Home Share Program           

     Newfoundland    The idea is simple: two unrelated people share a house or apartment to their mutual advantage.


   If you are looking for a blog with ongoing articles about shareing homes with others,  join:    Annamarie Pluhar, the author of   Sharing Housing has acquired a wealth of knowledge through first hand experience over her years. She is now the president of Sharing Housing Inc, a non-profit In the U.S. that envisions a world in which sharing housing is a commonly accepted living arrangement and individuals are happy, safe, and at peace as they realize the benefits of cost savings, companionship, help with tasks, and mutual support.  


Statistics, Links to Articles, Statistics, Reports & Books


  Info     'We are chosen family:' Why seven adults share a home in Kamloops

           Huffingtonpost  May 12, 2018. Daniel Tencer  Canada's Retiring Boomers Face 'Severe Housing Crisis'


Dec 17, 2017: CBC News, British Columbia published Laura Kanes article from The Canadian Press 

Head Line:  Housing Crisis in BC pushes Seniors to Brink of Homelessness                                                      

Nov 27, 2017: CBC News, British Columbia   

Head Line: Facing the Housing Crisis Later in Life: Vancouver Seniors seek help.                                                                                                        

April 02, 2017: CBC News, British Columbia by Maryse Zeidler CBC News  

Head Line: Victoria Mayor pushes to stop ticketing people for sleeping in vehicles

April 14, 2017: The Toronto Star, by Emily Mathieu, Housing Reporter 

Head Line: Toronto’s seniors are at high risk of ending up homeless, the report finds:

Nov14, 2016: CBC News, Toronto, Lorenda Reddekopp 

Head Line: Housemates wanted: A new Vision for Seniors Housing.  New housing model designed to reduce Loneliness, Isolation          

Oct 17, 2016: CBC Radio, BC Almanac  

Head Line: Advocates want to increase affordable housing options for seniors                                                                                                                             

Oct. 07, 2017: CBC News, by Roshini Nair  

Head Line: Two BC Seniors Live in Van and struggle to make ends meet               

Aug 26, 2015: CBC News                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Head Line: Housing Coop offers a new take on retirement living for Winnipeg woman. 3 women living in the housing co-op looking for 2 others to join                                                                                                                     

Nov 7, 2015: The Globe and Mail, by John Woods

Head Line: Meet the new Golden Girls (and guys): How boomers are coming up with creative living arrangements

NBC Interview

Shared Housing and the New Golden Girls


Office of Seniors Advocate British Columbia: Monitoring Senior Services 2017

This report may help you understand the numbers behind articles and news stories, things like a 94% increase in property tax deferment by seniors, are indicators of the growing difficulty seniors are having maintaining a balance between income and the increasing cost of living.


No book can offer information that is completely relative to everyone, but the following books offer examples of the writers actual experiences, 

and the advice that comes from those experiences is invaluable.   


Sharing Housing  (A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates) by Annamarie Pluhar

Click here to purchase on

        Annamarie blogs regularly on  with the intention of furthering the success of those wishing to share their lives with others. (If this link is problematic, cut and paste it into your address bar)

Annamarie Pluhar, is also the President of Sharing Housing, Inc.               



My House Our House (Living Far Better for Far Less in a Cooperative Household) by Karen M. Bush, Louise S. Machinist, Jean McQuillin  

Click here to purchase on                                                                                                                                                                                    

Live For almost free in your own home:   One  Couple's Experience Sharing Housing   By Maggie Dutton




  • One reason individuals are motivated to share a home is financial.  Whether this is your main motivation or a secondary motivation, the following statistics are enlightening and concerning.

  • There is a large number of individuals in the 55 and older age group that are living on the edge and these numbers are increasing as the cost of living increases, while incomes remain fixed. 

  • If you are one, you are not alone, nor are you at fault.  

The Income levels of 70% (7 million) of the 10 million individuals aged 55 and older break down as follows: (actual: 6,946,518 of a total 10,167,690)

  • 2.6 million have incomes of $550. per month to $1249. per month

  • 2.7 million have incomes of $1250. per month to $2082. per month

  • 1.7 million have incomes of $2083. per month to $2500. per month, with a few reaching $2916.

Statistical data derived from: Table 111-0043 (Characteristics of individuals, tax filers and dependents with income by after-tax income, sex and age groups [2015]                   

Female after-tax income: 2015

Female after-tax income in 2015: Age 55 - 64: total of 2,267,870 tax filers in this age group.

  • 354,530 -  $25,000 to $35,000

  • 183,080 -  $20,000 to $25,000

  • 188,100 -  $15,000 to $20,000

  • 228,950 -  $10,000 to $15,000

  • 268,030 -    $5,000 to $10,000

  • 243,290 -           under $5,000

75% a total of 1,708,276 had an annual income of 35,000 or less                           

60% a total of 1,353,746 had an annual income of 25,000 or less

Female after tax income in 2015: Age 65 and over: total number of tax filers [3,089,550]

  • 555,540 - $25,000 to $35,000

  • 546,770 - $20,000 to $25,000

  • 609,290 - $15,000 to $20,000

  • 400,160 - $10,000 to $15,000

  • 170,950 -   $5,000 to $10,000

  •   59,290 -          under $5,000

76%  a total of 2,342,000 had an annual income of $35,000 or less

58%  a total of 1,786,460 had an annual income of $25,000 or less

Male after tax income: 2015

Male after tax income in 2015: Age 55-64: total of 2,230,650 tax filers in this age group

  • 289,200 -  $25,000 to $35,000

  • 122,840 -  $20,000 to $25,000

  • 127,310 -  $15,000 to $20,000

  • 171,380 -  $10,000 to $15,000

  •   97,420 -    $5,000 to $10,000

  • 115,630 -           under  $5,000

45%  a total of 1011,160 had an annual income of 35,000 or less.

32%  a total of 721,960 had an annual income of 25,000 or less

Male after tax income in 2015: Age 65 and over: total number of tax filers [2,579,620]

  • 544,940 -  $25,000 to $35,000

  • 507,390 -  $20,000 to $25,000

  • 370,520 -  $15,000 to $20,000

  • 386,400 -  $10,000 to $15,000

  •    35,600 -   $5,000 to $10,000

  •    40,230 -           under $5,000

73%  a total of 1,885,080 had an annual income of $35,000 or less

52%  a total of 1,340,140 had an annual income of $25.000 or less