An important step in creating your profile is choosing your (user ID) USERNAME.  

A USERNAME can be anything you want it to be from something descriptive like 'Mountain Climber' or

'Yellow Bangles' to a single name like 'Gargoyle' or 'Petunia'. Its purpose is to provide you an anonymous identity until you choose to actually meet others and vice versa.

Please note that anonymity is important in the beginning. 

The USERNAME you invent for yourself will be the name that will identify you to others on this site, and the name that you will use until you are ready to use your own.

To help you create a profile of what you want in a shared home, we have created a questionnaire that provides the kind of questions you and others will want answers to as you begin your search to find others of like mind.

Once you have completed and submitted your questionnaire/profile it is automatically activated and you will be able to search for and read the profiles of others, and they will be able to search for and read your profile.  You are only able to read the profiles of others when your profile is activated.  Important:  you must push the submit button to save your answers, even if you are not finished. If you do not press submit, your answers will be lost.

Don't worry about wording as once you have completed the questionnaire you will be able to go back to edit and add to your answers at any time.  Once you go through the questionnaire and push the submit button your questionnaire/profile is active for others to see.  HOWEVER, if you are not ready to have others read your profile you can inactivate it by choosing 'inactivate your profile'  on the member main page which comes up immediately after you press submit, or can be found in the drop-down menu under the members' tab.  Please remember to re-activate your profile when you are ready.

  • This questionnaire which creates your profile is an important tool in enabling individuals to choose and to eliminate others as a potential person to share a home with.

  • Take the time necessary to fill out all of this questionnaire. It is how you and they begin the process of selecting and eliminating individuals to contact further.

  • You are beginning the process of creating a stable, affordable future for yourself.  This questionnaire is not only worth the effort, it is necessary to success.

Food for Thought:  If an individual is unwilling to spend the time and effort needed to complete a questionnaire so that they have provided others with an informative profile, then would you not wonder how much effort they would put into a shared living environment.

Selecting Profiles        

The first section of the questionnaire contains questions like the desired area to live in, budget, age, pets, and more.  These basic questions provide the criteria needed to search for specifics.  This allows you to search for others in your preferred area, age group and more, so that you do not have to sort through the profiles of individuals that are clearly not a fit for you.

The following sections of the questionnaire have broader questions that bring out similarities and differences in likes, dislikes, habits, and values. The answers to these questions will help you narrow your search further, allowing you to begin the process of finding others of like mind. 

When you are ready to contact the possible matches you have chosen, you will be able to send a message through the website ensuring you remain anonymous until you choose to move beyond anonymity.

Please note that in this world of technology and shared information, many e-mail services give others your identity as do home phones and cell phones. So maintaining your anonymity is not as simple as it seems, please do your homework.