Problems  have Solutions

In the early months of creating a home share with others, you will be finding out if you are all truly compatible, and part of that process is choosing and enacting the tools your group is going to use to problem solve. 

The easiest way to solve a problem is to raise it at the earliest possibility. Problems don't get better by ignoring them. That being said, life happens, we are all human with histories and ways of acting and reacting that we are often not aware of.

When you cannot solve a problem but would like to find a solution as a group, you do have some options.

A book can be a good way for all involved to be on the same page. There are many good books with steps to guide you through managing conflicts, whether you purchase or pick one up at a library. The basic steps to conflict resolution are similar no matter the environment, so finding your specific category of conflict is not necessary, it is the steps you will need.

Local organizations often have information on their websites or in print that can be accessed for free, or your group may choose to hire a mediator to help. 

In the future, this site will have the capability for groups to post solutions to different problems they have worked through.