OK, now that you have taken the time to read the Profiles of others and have narrowed it down to the ones that you think may be of like mind, it is time to find out more about them.                                          

You will have chosen a USERNAME when you became a member. This is the name that will identify your profile and the name you will use as you start to communicate with others online, ensuring you remain anonymous.

We suggest you start by utilizing online free programs like SKYPE, where you can chat with OR without a camera ... just using voice which allows you talk while maintaining your anonymity. 

Communicate through e-mail.  

NOTE: if your e-mail address is your name you will lose your anonymity, or if it is connected to Google Plus, Linked-in or other group apps, you will need to make sure that you are not giving away information about yourself. 

(One solution to this is to create another e-mail address specifically for this purpose.)

We suggest that both yourself and the person you are communicating with choose to discuss questions/answers like those from the questionnaire you filled out to create your profile. 

If everyone assumes that the other person(s) is nervous and may need to have several conversations/connections before agreeing to meet, all involved will have time to digest the information they have and think about how they feel thus far.                                    

Don't be in a hurry. The questions on your profile provide a broad range of conversation topics. There is also a list of 'Difficult Conversation Topics' below. 

Food for thought:

If at any time you feel pressured by another you need to ask yourself if you want to proceed. If they pressure you now, they may do so later. If they say they are in a hurry and desperate, then they are likely to be desperate for some reason later on. Life happens, and if they cannot find a way to take care of their own needs now without putting that on you, then that is, in all likelihood, just the way they are. Do you want to live with such a person?

Remember, you are still anonymous; you can stop having online chats at any time by simply saying you're just not ready yet.  It will then be up to you to contact that person at a future time if you decide to.

NOTE: Everyone has the right to do this process at their own pace. Let the person that needs more time have the time they need.  If they choose to contact you later, they will.  In the meantime, carry on and meet with others

After several online chats, you may choose to add a camera to your chats so you can see who you are talking to and know the face before you meet in person, or you may decide to meet in person at a coffee shop or dog park or anyplace else you choose -  EXCEPT where you live!  It is too soon to meet there.

A few quotes to live by (from Sharing Housing, by Anna Maria Pluhar)

“The root cause of a housemate death spiral almost always comes from an incomplete and/or too-casual housemate selection process.”  

(About poor selection process)

"The most common mistake home sharers make is failing to follow a judicious and careful selection process. This happens because of inexperience, assumptions, and/or desperation."  

(About inexperience)

"Inexperienced home sharers may not realize the importance of the selection process. They may not realize what their own requirements are for a housemate. They may accept the person at face value; they may figure they will play it by ear as it goes along and work it out as the time comes, and/or they may not check references. Any of these oversights could lead to a mismatch  in housemates." 


Difficult Conversation Topics:


Would you have a problem with guns in a house (assuming they are legal and properly stored)

Do you listen to your inner voice, how would you describe an inner voice

Is it OK to tell a lie, and if so when

Do you think winning or losing at a game or sport matters

How do you feel about confrontation, what do you describe as being confrontational

What is your opinion of a pit-bull as a pet

Is rodeo cruel to animals

Should pets like dogs, cats, horses be kept alive when they are sick, define sick.

Do you think the law that allows for doctor assisted suicide for those that are terminally ill was a good law for Canadians

Do you lean toward pro life or pro choice

Are you for or against the legalization of recreational marijuana. Why

Do you think prostitution should be legal

What do you think about spanking a child as a means of discipline, what is your definition of a spanking

If your old dog was very sick

 would you pay for surgery no matter the cost

 would you pay for surgery if you thought it was reasonably priced

 make him comfortable for his last days, and keep him on medication to help with pain

 keep him with you until you feel he should be put to rest.

How do you feel about tips being automatically added to your bill at a restaurant.

Do you think name brands are important when buying cloths or food

Do you think adults aged 55 and older should be allowed to adopt

Do you get a flu shot? why or why not.

Do you believe in ghosts or spirits

Do you believe there is life on other planets

How do you feel about Donald Trump

How did you feel about Kevin Oleary being a possible candidate for prime minister of Canada

Do you think cell phone or microwaves are a health concern

What do you think about self help books

Do you think reincarnation is a possibility

Would you choose to eat veal

What is your opinion of Casinos and gambling

Do you like reading tabloids magazines

Do you think sports or movie stars make too much money

Is thewre such a thing as too rich?  If so what would you describe as too rich 

Should grandparents raise grandchildren