Your group's predetermined trial period will now be over, which means it is time to sit down and do a thorough re-evaluation of your groups Shared Home Agreement. You will be on fairly solid ground by this time, so in going through the agreement you will find things you as a group are ready to change.  It may be time to take some of your belongings out of storage and move them to the house to be shared with others, or it may be time to share more of the household cooking or chores.  Whatever it is your group decides, the need to write it down never changes. You will set another period of time, and once that is reached you will repeat this process.

After one year you will have gone through a few disagreements, all holidays and maybe even an election. As you reach and surpass the timelines you set on your home sharing journey, the patterns and norms of the shared home you have created will evolve.

In time you may create your own holiday events and rituals, you may decide to move to a rural property or to another town. You may decide to travel together, or you may decide to trade homes with a home share group from another province, as a way to travel economically and see more of Canada. Some of you may choose to purchase property together. Whatever it is, it will be of your own group's creation.

There are no standards, no societal rules, assumptions or expectations. You and your group are in the driver's seat of your lives and are free to create exactly what you want your futures together to be. 

It will never be perfect, because life is not perfect, and it will not be without effort because the creation of a life worth living takes effort. But one thing is for sure, it will never be a lonely existence. Enjoy!