We tried to make this a free site, but found we could not cover costs without a small membership fee. However, if you cannot afford the fee at this time please email us, at the email address provided under the contacts tab.





The purpose of Home Together Canada is to promote shared living by any definition.      To this end hometogether.ca provides:     



  • The tools needed to help individuals succeed at sharing homes with others, by providing them the ability to create an anonymous profile of what you would like in a shared home experience, and the ability to then search and read the profiles of others. 

  • The ideas, steps and guidelines on ways to proceed so that you can create a shared living experience of your own making.  

  • Links to organizations and groups creating shared living opportunities, by any definition.



Home Together Canada is a registered non-profit Association that is run by a volunteer board of everyday people just like you and me. 

As membership numbers increase the site will grow to includes pages that members decide they want, such as, pages to post events, get-togethers, or other ideas promoting sharing in all areas.  


  1. When you become a member, you will choose a 'nick name' to identify yourself and then will fill out an online questionnaire which creates your Personal Profile of what you want in a shared home.

  2. This questionnaire once filled out creates your profile.  Once completed and submitted your profile is immediately posted on the site and is available to be read by other members with posted profiles.

  3. Once you have posted your Profile, you will be able to read the profiles of others and begin the process of finding others of like mind.

  4. Your Profile will stay posted until you have found your future housemates. At that time you will mark your profile as inactive, so it is no longer available to be viewed. Please do not keep your profile active after you have found your group, as it will create problems for those who are still searching for their like-minded people. When you make your profile inactive, the profile section will not be available to view. 

  5. If you then wish to find another housemate of like mind, all you have to do is update your profile, if required and reactivate.  



Food for thought: Sharing a home with others is one of the very few real-life examples of actually having more for less.

                               A person’s standard of living improves while their cost of living declines.


Please Note:

Home Together Canada is a registered non-profit Association that is run by a volunteer board of everyday people just like you. We have done the best we can in delivering this site for you to use, but it will not be perfect and it will evolve and expand over time, as we have the time to give.  We can always use help if you would like to volunteer your time.