Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

It is the responsibility of each individual to make their own choices as to how and where they would like to live.  The suggestions, ideas, guidelines, and tools on this site are collected from many sources and are presented here as ideas and options for each individual to use, or not, as they see fit. The concept of a collective, or shared, living by any definition is but one possible life choice.   Do Your Homework. You are the master of your future...


www.HomeTogether.ca is an incorporated non-profit association, created by volunteers.  Any information on this website is given in good faith. We have made every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information.  It will always be your decision whether to follow the ideas and suggestions on this website.

That being said, we, the Board and Founding Members cannot, nor do we, accept any responsibility for your actions nor the consequences of such actions – for any loss, injury, or inconvenience sustained by any person using this website, or any person or persons going forward to create their own vision of what a home share is for them.

Confidentiality and Privacy

  1. www.HomeTogether.ca collects only that personal information necessary for the express purpose of identifying you as a Member and maintaining the ability to contact you.

  2. We respect your privacy and we will not divulge any member information whatsoever to a third party without your approval, ever.

  3. No financial information will be collected or asked for by Home Together Canada.  All monetary transactions will be through well known 3rd party agencies that have the software in place to protect your financial information.

Note: If it is deemed necessary in the future to track “passive” information on Member’s browsing behavior, it will never be on an individual level.

We would use the tracking only to analyze the information strictly in aggregate terms to ensure our site is structured in a user-friendly way for our Members.


We also value any testimonials you might provide about the benefits of using this site.  We may use this statement on our website or in other marketing material (with your first name, last initial and geographical region).

Other groups and organizations

We provide links to any collective living organizations or groups and affordable housing agencies, however, we cannot, and will not, be held liable if their performance falls below an acceptable standard nor for any problems or loss you feel they or their employees or agents have caused you.

Copyright information

Commercial use of our website content without permission is prohibited! Please ask us for permission to use our website content for appropriate commercial purposes as we're delighted to have our website content widely circulated. Anyone else - use our web information to your heart's content! Forward it to a friend! Enjoy...


For a small fee, we offer space for local landlords and service providers to advertise. We cannot possibly have any insight into the quality of the service or space provided and therefore cannot, nor will not, be held liable if their performance falls below an acceptable standard, nor for any problems or loss, you feel they or their employees or agents have caused you.