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The Following are Links to, Existing and Forming: Cooperatives and Co-living Groups.

The following links are provided so that they can be easilly found by those looking for an existing group. We have no information, knowledge of, or opinion on any of these groups.  If you are, or have knowledge of, a group forming in your area, please let us know and we will add them to this list.      

British Columbia

      In Development: Telkwa BC      http://birchwoodcohousing.com/

 In  Development: N. Vancouver BC   http://www.driftwoodvillagecohousing.com/

    In Development: Little Mountain Vancouver BC   http://www.littlemountaincohousing.ca/

   Forming: Vancouver BC    http://www.oururbanvillage.ca/


  Forming: Coastal Village, Whisler BC  http://cohousing.ca/communities/bc/the-coastal-village/

  Forming: The Shire, Maple Ridge BC   http://cohousing.ca/communities/bc/the-shire/


  Completed:  Nelson BC     http://heddlestonevillage.com/


 AHVIS - Affordable Housing: Vancouver Island Society   https://www.ahvis.org/

 Belterra Cohousing  Bowen Island, British Columbia  http://belterracohousing.ca

   Cranberry Commons North Burnaby   http://www.cranberrycommons.ca

   Courtney BC   http://creeksidecommons.net/

  West Wind Harbour Cohousing, Sooke Harbour, Island    http://www.westwindharbour.ca/


      Saanich Peninsula Cohousing, Brentwood Bay, Island    info@saanichpeninsulacohousing.com

                           Harbourside Cohousing Sooke http://www.harbourside.ca


    IDEAL SOCIETY, Institute for the Development in Education, Arts and Leisure Jaffray, British Columbia  http://www.idealsociety.org/

    Kakwa Ecovillage Cooperative McBride  http://www.kakwaecovillage.com/

    Maa Land Co-op​ Nelson, BC   http://www.maalandcoop.ca/

   Mackenzie Heights Collective  Vancouver, Canada   http://www.vancouvercooperativehouse.com/

  Mulvey Creek Land Co-operative  Slocan, British Columbia       find link on FIC site:  http://www.ic.org

   Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community  Nanaimo, British Columbia  http://www.pacificgardens.ca

     Quayside Village North Vancouver, Canada   http://quaysidevillage.googlepages.com/

    RareBirds Housing Cooperative​  Kamloops, BC, Canada  http://www.rarebirdshousing.ca

     Retiringearlyfromratrace Co housing Initiative Victoria, British Columbia  [ FIND info on FIC site: http://www.ic.org ]     *

   Roberts Creek Cohousing Roberts Creek, British Columbia http://www.robertscreekcohousing.ca



Valterra Village eCohousing​  Qualicum Beach, British Columbia   http://www.valterravillage.ca    *

  Vancouver Cohousing Vancouver, British Columbia  http://www.vancouvercohousing.com/


 Vibe Village Kelowna, Canada    [ FIND info on FIC site: https://www.ic.org ]                   *

 Valley Vista Co-housing,  Summerland, British Columbia    Facebook:search:Valley Vista Co-housing or cut and paste [    https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=valley%20vista%20co-housing     ]



  Newly Forming:  Calgary     https://www.mosaicvillage.org/

     In Development: Edmonton     http://urbangreencohousing.ca/


   Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association   Lethbridge Alberta  http://www.lethbridgesustainableliving.org/ecovillage-group.html


 Prairie Sky Cohousing Cooperative​   Calgary Alberta   http://www.prairiesky.ca/

  The House of Commons Calgary, Alberta   https://thehouseofcommons.wordpress.com/




     Bickleigh’s Prairie Light,  Bickleigh, Saskatchewan   [ FIND info on FIC site:  http://https://www.ic.org      

 Prairie Spruce Commons, Regina:  Under Construction:     http://prairiespruce.com/

   Radiance Cohousing, Saskatoon: In Development:    https://www.radiancecohousing.ca/

  Forever MicroRanch: A Community Living Project.  Frontier, Saskatchewan  http://http://www.ic.org/

 Goldenrod Land Co-op Regina, Saskatchewan, http://goldenrodlandcoop.weebly.com/    http://http://www.ic.org/

 Wolf Willow Cohousing, Saskatoon, http://www.wolfwillowcohousing.ca/    *


  Flatlanders Inn Winnipeg, Manitoba  http://www.flatlandersinn.org/     *


  Forming: Priarie Rivers,  Winnipeg  http://www.transitionwinnipeg.ca/cohousing.html



*********       Baba Yaga Toronto, http://www.babayagaplace.ca     *

  Camphill Communities Ontario,  Angus,  http://camphill.on.ca/     


   Canopy Cohousing Toronto,     http://canopycohousing.ca/     





      http://gocosolutions.com/    Note; this site is realtor owned   we have added goco to our site as we felt the information on co-ownership may be helpful to those wishing to purchase a home with others.



  Canadian Cohousing Community Listings :               http://cohousing.ca/communities/

  International Organizations: