Benefits of Sharing

Living Collectively in a shared home is a planned, often long-term choice. Home sharing and collective living (or co-living) is about the people, not the home they are living in.  It is about building friendships, long-term relationships and about becoming each other's support system.


  • A big benefit for some is the ability to age in place together.  As baby boomers reach their senior years, many are actively planning their futures. This group is searching out others and building relationships and friendships early on so that they have the support of each other as they age in place together.                                                                    

  • The most visible benefit to living in a shared home is affordability.  Those who share homes, share the rent, utilities, Internet and more, providing each member of the group improved housing at a lower cost.



  • One person may currently be renting a basement suite that is located in a less than optimal neighborhood at a cost of $750.00 per month plus 1/2 of the house utilities which has been $200.00 per month. This totals $950.00 and does not include cable or Internet.

  • Another person has found a 3-bedroom house for rent in a safe quiet neighborhood and it has a fenced yard for pets and a garden area. But they cannot afford the $1800.00 per month plus utilities.

  • A third person has just moved to the area but cannot find a place for rent and does not want to live alone.



  1. These three individuals might find each other on the website, and rent the 3-bedroom house together, each paying 1/3 of the rent and the utilities. This equates to $600.00 for rent and $125.00 per month for utilities for a total of $725.00 per month per person.
  2. In this example, those sharing the home might also upgrade their Internet and television programming paying less than they did previously on their own while at the same time receiving better programming and unlimited Internet!


A big benefit, for those entering their retirement years, is the ability to stay in the home they own.  As the cost of living rises, the income of retirees is fixed, and many are finding themselves in a position where they cannot afford to maintain their homes. They may not wish to be alone and also recognize that, as they age, they may not be able to keep up with the physical demands a house requires.

  • This type of home can be shared with others, providing the homeowner with income from rent and utility savings.  This enables the homeowner to maintain and keep the house they own, while at the same time gaining the added benefit of sharing chores and daily living.

  • As always: This also has the benefit of a lower cost of living for all, leaving each person more disposable income and, together, the ability to collectively hire help when needed, which for many is unaffordable on their own.

  • A shared home can be a home owned by one of the group, or it can be rented by one of the group, or it can be rented or leased by the group as a unit.

  • Some shared homes are owned equally by the individuals living collectively in the home.        

  • Some have collective living complexes, some are intergenerational, some are 55 and older, some are specifically seniors only.

  • There are groups looking at creating Co-living neighborhoods, where the homes on a block are being made into homes to be shared, where the whole neighborhood shares gardens and tools, and sometimes even vehicles.

  • There are Cooperatives being built in different areas, you will find links to some under the co-housing $ co-operatives tab- In some person purchases their unit, some are a mix of owned and rented, others are all rented units.

  • But no matter what the collective living experience, it is always about the people first.


People might move as a group to another shared residence when they have found and built relationships with like-minded others. Because they are not alone, the work is easier, less stressful, less expensive, and life has many new possibilities.


There are no rules to sharing a home with others. Each group will make their own agreements based on who they are and what they want in a living situation. The size of the group can be any number, be it two or four or six or more.  It can be all women; it can be all men; it can be mixed; it can be singles or couples; it can be all ages or it can be similar ages. The group may eat many meals together and share all chores, or they may share a meal once in awhile, and hire a house-keeper.  The group may spend a large amount of time together or a small amount of time together. They may have pets or not; they may live in the city or the country.


Whatever the final result, it is decided and created by the like-minded individuals in that group.



Many individuals find themselves living alone in their middle and senior years, and simply do not want to continue to live alone for a myriad of reasons. 

There are many benefits to shared living, these are but a few:


  1. Affordability

  2. Friendships

  3. People to share my life with

  4. People to share ideas with

  5. People to share a garden with

  6. People to share a yard with

  7. People to share the chores of cleaning a house

  8. People to share cooking with  (“I can't be bothered to cook for just me all the time”)

  9. Someone to say 'Hi' to when I get home

  10.  Not having to come home to an empty house

  11.  Knowing someone will miss me if I am late getting home

  12.  Knowing that if I fall or hurt myself, someone will know

  13.  Knowing I have someone to support me when I need it in the future and having someone else to support when they need it in the future

  14.  Not being lonely

  15.  Having someone home with my pet if I am away

  16.  Not having to be worried about being away

  17.  Having someone around to recognize if I am being scammed

  18.  Getting more out of life

  19.  Feeling safe because I am no longer alone

  20.  Having someone to laugh with and someone to cry with

  21.  Being able to plan how I age and who I age with

  22.  Someone to share a shop and tools with

  23.  A bigger view of the world than just me

  24.  Having the option of sharing the rent on a condo and traveling to somewhere warm for a week or month or . . .

  25.  Feeling secure about being able to afford my future

  26.  Feeling secure in my plan to age in place with others

  27.  Being able to live in a far better place than I could ever afford on my own

  28.  Being able to live in a safer neighborhood than my single income would allow

  29.  No longer feeling vulnerable because I am alone; there is safety in numbers

  30.  Someone to play a game of cards with

  31.  Knowing, when my spouse passes away, I will not be alone

  32.  Being able to live in a rural setting and have chickens and maybe a few animals

  33.  Being able to afford extra care as we all age together because we can hire help together

  34.  Knowing that if we have to move in the future, we will handle it and afford it together

  35.  Having people that know me well enough to tell me the truth when I cannot see the forest for the trees

  36.  People to miss me when I am away, and people to miss when they are away

  37.  Being able to afford a really good television package

  38.  Being able to afford an unlimited Internet connection

  39.  Someone to celebrate holidays with

  40.  Other people make it worth decorating a house for Christmas, or baking or stringing lights on the house

  41.  Someone to argue with every now and then; life isn't perfect

  42.  Getting more out of life, than just me and my thoughts

  43.  Having people to have conversations with

  44.  Having someone to talk about a book with

  45.  No longer being afraid I will end up like my parents

  46.  No longer being afraid

  47.  Making a smaller footprint on our earth

  48.  Being able to plan and afford my future

  49.  Being part of something bigger than just me; having a group

  50.  Belonging

  51.  Having someone to share my stories with

  52.  Having others to share their stories with me

  53.  I don't have any family. Home Sharing gives me family

  54.  Having like-minded people that I like and have chosen

  55.  I get to share the plusses and the minuses of living in a group

  56.  Someone to scratch that 'spot' on my back that I cannot reach

  57.  Someone to share a cat with

  58.  New ideas, and new perspectives

  59.  Feeling happier

  60.  Upsizing from my downsizing






Sharing with others is not for everyone, but because there are so many benefits to all involved, it is worth some thought.