Home Together Canada is collaborating with Happipad & Senior Ladies Living Together


What's Happening

To Our Members,

    Happipad, Senior Ladies Living Together and Home Together are collaborating with the goal of creating a free Canada wide sharing service.  Happipad will provide service agencies and non-profit organizations working with seniors and those precariously housed  a full step by step program that they can use to help their clients create a shared home with others of their choosing.  Home Together will provide the place to register to find others of like mind and will list all existing and new sharing services across Canada as they come into existence.  Senior Ladies Living Together will provide on line chat rooms and forums where ladies will have guidance in creating a shared home of their own design.

From Your President,


I will be sending out an information e-mail, please make sure you can receive emails from:



AT THIS TIME, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HOME TO SHARE OR HAVE A HOME TO SHARE, Happipad is the fastest growing full service sharing site in BC and soon to be Alberta


Happipad offers services to both home providers and home seekers.                                            

Registering with happipad.com is free and the areas they serve are steadily growing.

Happipad has grown and evolved since its inception and has ongoing plans to offer more services in the future.

Home Together Canada


 Home Together Canada is a volunteer-run, non-profit Association. 

Our mandate is to facilitate the growth and success of shared living in Canada.

We do this by providing the two fundamental needs necessary to the success of both the individuals, wishing to share homes, and the service providers and businesses wishing to serve this burgeoning and diverse group. 

We accomplish the first need - to maximize the number of individuals available to each other- by providing a single non-competitive, non-profit site with the basic preliminary tools individuals require to find others of similar mind. 

We accomplish the second need - for individuals to find and access sharing and matching services, businesses, housing and organizations - by providing free and equal advertisements with website links to all Canadian sharing providers. This provides individuals immediate information and access to the services they are in search of, and in turn, provides the businesses and services maximum and immediate exposure to this large and diverse group.