The membership website, is currently off line.


What's Happening

To Our Members,

    As you know our original web site had ongoing problems which we were unable to correct.  Due to this we decided to move forward and self fund a new web site, unfortunately the new web builder was unable to complete the site and quit rather abruptly mid project. Home Together Canada has been entirely volunteer run since inception and as you may well imagine, this turn of events was a blow to all of us and we feel it is time to take pause and put our time back into our own lives.


Your Volunteer Board of Directors.


From Your President,


     I find myself unable to walk away and I feel strongly that there must be a way to provide what Home Together's mandate (below) strove to offer.

     I belief the premise behind Home Together Canada is what is needed for individuals wishing to share homes and for agencies and entrepreneurs wishing to create sharing services if they are to succeed.


     I set up this site on godaddy to allow myself time to consider and search for other possibilities or partnerships that could make this happen.


      Sharing homes is not just a nice idea, it is necessary. The increased cost of living has those on low and fixed incomes living in fear and desperation and these are not just a few, these number in the millions. 

      Yet in the years we have been working to get Home together off the ground we have not once been able to acquire funding.                                        

      This even though shared homes are affordable, healthy, self supporting and green. Even though a shared home eliminates loneliness, utilizes existing housing, costs tax payers nothing, provides long term stable homes with the added benefit of creating friendships and in turn the support those friendships offer.

       Even though, this adds up to thousands of instant healthy affordable sustainable homes.


       It boggles my mind.    If you wish to contact me, the email address remains,  

       With a bit of time, I will post any sharing services, groups or organizations and articles on sharing that I come across, and I will contact each of you when a way is found to move forward with a new site.



The fastest growing Home Sharing Service in BC and soon to be Alberta is:


Happipad offers services to both home providers and home seekers.                                            

Registering with is free and the areas they serve are steadily growing.

Happipad has grown and evolved since its inception and has ongoing plans to offer more services in the future.

Home Together Canada


 Home Together Canada is a volunteer-run, non-profit Association. 

Our mandate is to facilitate the growth and success of shared living in Canada.

We do this by providing the two fundamental needs necessary to the success of both the individuals, wishing to share homes, and the service providers and businesses wishing to serve this burgeoning and diverse group. 

We accomplish the first need - to maximize the number of individuals available to each other- by providing a single non-competitive, non-profit site with the basic preliminary tools individuals require to find others of similar mind. 

We accomplish the second need - for individuals to find and access sharing and matching services, businesses, housing and organizations - by providing free and equal advertisements with website links to all Canadian sharing providers. This provides individuals immediate information and access to the services they are in search of, and in turn, provides the businesses and services maximum and immediate exposure to this large and diverse group.