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         Home Together Canada is a volunteer-run, non-profit Association.  

                                                  Our mandate is to facilitate the growth and success of shared living in Canada.

 Our new website will provide this support:  by freely providing the two fundamental needs necessary to the success of both the individuals wishing to share a homes and the service providers and businesses wishing to serve this burgeoning and diverse group.


We accomplish the first need - to maximize the number of individuals available to each other- by providing a single non-competitive, non-profit site with the basic preliminary tools individuals require to find others of similar mind. 

We accomplish the second need - for individuals to find and access sharing and matching services, businesses, housing and organizations - by providing free and equal descriptive listings with website links to all Canadian sharing providers. This provides individuals immediate information and access to the services they are in search of, and in turn, provides the businesses and services maximum and immediate exposure to this large and diverse group.